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Hello! Nice of you to stop by. My expertise resides in helping you live a first-class lifestyle, create a business online, and work from anywhere. I help and teach people how to get a fresh start and have a brand-new style of living after a divorce, loss or if single.

Browse and learn how you can too have the perfect system to create your own business online. Uncover what is in store for you while I reveal how you can have a fascinating new life for yourself.

No Limit With First Class Lifestyle

Discover a new, amazing and proven way to create a business online and the life you want. Most of all, it will help guarantee your future wealth and happiness. Join us in one of the world’s finest online marketing communities. You’ll love the results. Then, through a series of FREE videos, I reveal to you how to achieve the success you deserve.


I am Sergei, founder & CEO of ‘First Class Lifestyle‘. Not only, I focus on offering you a great way to live a different or new lifestyle but I also help you build a business online and become a laptop lifestyle entrepreneur. Above all else, I remain a Personal Growth & Success Expert on top of my game. However, I began as a sports athlete in the late 70’s. And years later, due to being tired of working for others and wanting more, I then created a successful online business. Yet, I am also a huge advocate of animal rights.

Find out how this Former Athlete has found a Proven System Online and went from nothing left to his name to earning a full-time income online and become his own Boss.

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I help like-minded individuals of all ages with personal growth & success sessions. And I also supply a great online marketing education system on how to achieve success while having the ability to live anywhere you like. Therefore, living a brand-new lifestyle.


You can discover a proven, new, and easy way to create a business while you may also help guarantee your future wealth and happiness. Join me in one of the world’s greatest online marketing communities and start your business online. In fact, you will love the results.


I do this by giving you the most valuable information and all of the new integrated digital tools. In addition, you get a powerful set up while assuring you benefits in business and life. But most of all, I offer you more freedom to do your own thing and set up your own schedule.



Not only my team and I are dedicated to helping you but also teaching you. I will show you how to create the business and style of living you’ve always wanted. So my mission in life are to introduce you to a great secret on how you can live a prosperous and brand-new lifestyle.

Therefore, a part of this objective is to share my gifts and amazing value with as many people as possible. I understand that life is not just regarding us but rather about contributing to others.

It is also in relation to living right to our mission and reason for being here on this earth. Most of all, it is about adding our piece of the puzzle to the world.

So, you may not want to believe me on my expertise, but trust me here, I wouldn’t lead you astray. I get nothing out of screwing you over, but I get to be a hero if I give you the proven solution that changes your life, right? Of course!

As a result, my purpose in life is to help you realize that you can build a lucrative business online and have a successful life. Thus, living the lifestyle of your dreams. Finally, it will provide a brand-new future for you and your loved ones, while simply creating a life on your own terms.


Animal Causes and Pets’ Rights are my passion and other purpose in life because when I look in their eyes, I do not only see an animal or a pet. I see a living being, a friend and a soul who needs a voice.

Of all the things one can be obsessed with in this World, animals and pets are by far many people’s favorites. Wildlife foundations, rescues and awareness societies teach us through videos, blogs and pictures that animals are real beings and have feelings too.

I am fighting and helping raise more and more awareness for wild animals in need all over the planet. And I do not forget about our pets’ cute little faces and comic actions which instantly transform and melt our hearts.

However, everyone is taught that angels have wings. Yet, the lucky ones of us discover that very often they have 4 paws. Not only do animals live in our homes, but also in our skies, in our oceans, in our mountains as wells as in our forests.

We have to respect their place in this world.

So, when I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal or a pet. I see a living being, I see a friend, I see a soul. And I believe that, who says otherwise is so wrong.


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CEO & Founder

Sergei is the CEO & Founder of First Class Lifestyle, a Personal Growth & Success Expert who lives a laptop lifestyle. First of all, he was a sport athlete before he became a successful online entrepreneur.

He is also an avid blogger and a book writer. Moreover, he speaks five languages and is involved in animal rights while donating to different foundations for horses, pets, and wild animals such as Four Paws International.

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Personal Assistant & Photographer

Ludmila is the CEO’s Personal Assistant & Photographer while being also a longtime friend. She speaks three languages and is a faithfull ally. In conclusion, her dedication and intelligence make her a great asset.

Very talented, she creates amazing pictures while freely playing the jack of all trades. Finally, she is a student obtaining a degree in literature, and dearly loves her family who remained in Kazakhstan, her country of origin.

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Daniela is a multi-talented person, and in her spare time, she is the administrator of the business. She comes from Slovenia and speaks six languages. In addition, she is a real trouper since she always answers the call.

Finally, she loves animals and likes to travel. Since the beginning, she is an amazing pillar and support to the company, and gets involved anytime it is needed. As a result, she is a very close and trusted friend of the family.

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Established-for-You resources about:

How to develop and grow one’s mind, character, and other traits through one’s own efforts. I talk of success as well, which is the thriving or successful accomplishment of one’s goals, wealth, position, honors, and the like.


Created-for-You resources about:

The know-hows of affiliate marketing. It is a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for building a business online. I also speak of marketing products and services using digital technologies on the Internet.


Made-for-You resources about:

The learning and acquiring of skills, value, beliefs, habits, and knowledge. It means helping you learn how to do things and think. Finally, my blog posts also includes tips, storytelling, animal causes and pets’ rights.

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If the thought never crossed your mind yet, if the increase of job collapse continue, and does not make you think about a plan B for caring for you and your family, what will?

So it is now time to consider that job security is nearly obsolete.

In fact, you need to begin to take control of your money and time, and also think of your future. It has never been easier than it currently is, as long as you invest in yourself and keep momentum over all else.

Therefore, what is your plan B? Do you even have one?

I ask you because one of the words in the English language which many of us use is the term ‘JOB.’ You should know that it is one of the best abbreviations there is, which means: “Just Over Broke!”

So if you want to learn more about the system I have been using for my online business. And how it helps me create my success. Take A Look. What Do You Have To Lose? 

It works for anyone! We even have a FREE Student Account.

As A Matter Of Fact, You Might See Great Value Which Provides You With A Ton Of Tools.



First of all, how can I relate to you? Well, much as you, before starting my business, I was struggling with the very same problems you have, looking for a different or new lifestyle.

Not to mention, I had my share of ups and downs just like you do. So, my life was filled of joy and heartaches, and yet I could not find my place in this world. I have always looked for a solution to be free financially and have no more constraints.

Today, I help everyone, mostly women and men get a new start, both with their career and their life after a divorce, loss, widowed or if being single.

While wanting to start a business is a common desire, most of us don’t act on it for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Time
  • Money
  • No Network
  • No Product or Service
  • No Training or Resources

The fact is that being a truly successful entrepreneur takes time and that talent comes with experience and practice. If it were easy, everyone would be the new Elon Musk!

Therefore, you should know that when you join my business online or get my coaching, you have most of all my loyalty.

Finally, I am as committed to your success as much you are. And just like a lighthouse, I will be there to help and guide you along the way, or either my staff will be.

In conclusion, we’ll be there to answer your questions, and help you on the path to success.

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