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Sergei VanBellinghen aka Ice Man

You might ask “Who is Sergei?” Well, know that my friends call me ‘Ice Man’ and funny as it may be, this nickname just kind of stuck.

But let me tell you a little bit more about myself. So, let’s begin from square one, shall we.

Born in Belgium, but after my parent’s divorce, I am raised in Ukraine. I grow up with my mother and grandparents in a small village south of Dnepropetrovsk.

It is 1972. I am around nine years old at the time. Born of two dissimilar cultures, I am the fruit of two lives strictly opposed to one another during a moment of so-called love.

Thus, I grow up from a young age in an era where the cold war, since the early 60’s, is in its first eruption. It is in an empire called back then the USSR.

Since the day I came to life until my departure with my mother, there from Belgium, I always lived in the companionship of horses. Meanwhile, during the first part of my childhood, I am growing up in a small apartment over a stable. Just where my father works as a Racehorse trainer.

Therefore I start to ride horses at the tender age of 3, having that in my blood.

I am a child with many dreams. One of them is to travel the world and be different than anyone else. I have the desire to live life on my own terms while having many great experiences.

The Child Becomes a Man

At age 15, I leave home. And before long I have the opportunity to travel numerous times to various places as a sportsman in horse competitions.

Thus, I go and perform from city to city, state to state, and then country to country. There I encounter new and different ways of living. In spite of having a beautiful job as a sportsman, I have no free time.

Almost none to say the least, because I work 80 long hours a week and I am on a strict diet. Furthermore, I am not going to have a day off, not for four years.

But I am attracted by the beauty of all places around me, as it is a first for me. I am hooked, and youth’s call for a new life gets much stronger. It even feels almost like an urge. Sergei aka Ice Man wants to take part in a free existence. And not merely be an observer from one side of the world.

However, the motherland, USSR, has another plan in store for Sergei… Military service duty. They call me in and push my dreams far away. ‘Ice Man’ find himself assigned to a submarine, for three long years.

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After Several Years

A person’s life usually has a small amount of uncertainty as to what to do in life. But I, Sergei, however, like others before me, break that mold. And I decide that it is time for me to see the world with my own eyes.

But being a Soviet citizen, one would think that it is a daring thought and quite an impossible feat. Yet, the risk does not matter to me. In my mind, the ‘Ice Man’ part is going to be able to make it happen somehow.

So, I defect while on my way to a competition in the USA. However, like life has a weird sense of humor, the infamous “Iron Curtain” in Berlin comes down just a week after my risky defection to the West. And in doing so, the Soviet Union collapses, to my benefit. No one is looking for me anymore.

Not to mention, the mess and chaos there. People are getting free. Some are lost, not knowing what to do. It is such that it is every man for himself! Most lose their job. The people who stay do not even get paid for months.

I, Sergei, am a forgotten Soviet citizen in a foreign country. It is a miracle! Or maybe, a dream come true, my deepest desire as a child realizing itself. Anyway, I am free. I always believed in that and here it finally is.

I have always been also considered as the “Black Sheep” of the family, yet it is justified, despite all the trouble!!!

As a result, throughout my life, my way of facing situations with practically no fear of what could happen earns me the nickname of “Ice Man.”

Falling Hard

I then live life to the fullest. Yet, after numerous years of doing all kind of jobs in many different fields; from being an assistant surgeon for a veterinarian to working in Hollywood movies, my life doesn’t feel whole.

Therefore, in living this roller coaster life, I get tired and decide to find a brand-new lifestyle for myself. In spite of all the ups and downs in my life, I lived a lot more than many ever could.

While living in different countries and practicing Shaolin Kung Fu for 10 years, I work in all kinds of field. I then realize that there is more to life than this 9 to 5 Rat race as people call it.

Therefore, I, Sergei, want more out of my existence. So I seek a way out of the routine, a new lifestyle, and crave to be financially free. I educate myself through books, and really like the story of “The Alchemist.” It makes me think even harder about the possibilities one has.

However in 2013, the security company I work for closes its doors and I find myself at the unemployment office for a complete year. It is a real tough time and such an eye opener for me. I only eat cheap frozen pizzas and rice for over one year, and I cannot pay my bills.

In addition, my girlfriend of 9 years at the time leaves me in my predicament, expecting from me some miracle. And to make things worse, no one else that I know helps me.

Then to add to my unpleasant situation, I find out that all of my family in the East and most of it in the West are deceased. And that the ones that still live in the Western part do not want anything to do with me. For them, I am a stranger from a foreign land, due to being gone for more than 40 years.

Regrettably, Sergei aka Ice Man find himself even more alone!!!

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Sergeï-i-reka Who is Sergei

Life Has Something Better in Store

Yet, I do not want to give up, as I have a strong character of survival.

Furthermore, I am a fervent believer in the Law of Attraction, for many years now. I am also an avid reader and audio booker.

One day, a friend gives me a book to read. The book is called “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. And it is a revelation for me. I have found a new life’s path.

As a result, I make a drastic decision for my life. I have nothing to lose, so I take a risk by following my subconscious mind. Everyone around me thinks I am crazy to leave at age 50 for a different country where I know no one, where I do not speak the language and where I have no job.

But I, the ‘Ice Man’, believe I can!

Today, I am an Online Entrepreneur, a Personal Growth & Success Expert, a consultant, an educator, at times even a counselor in East-West relationships, a devoted blogger and a lifelong learner. I am a creator of financial freedom. So, I help other people get a new lifestyle, attain success, and reach the life they deserve. And all of this on their own terms.

A Life of Freedom

Now, I, Sergei aka ‘Ice Man’, can be at any place on the planet. All I need is an internet connection and a computer to be able to work. That is what is known as a “Laptop Lifestyle,” working from anywhere with no boundaries whatsoever.

So, I ask you: “What legacy do you want to leave behind you?”

How would you feel about a new occupation that fits your brand personality and moves you closer to your desires and a life of freedom?

Do you ask yourself sometime: “How do I want to contribute to this world and my loved ones?

To conclude, when I do not present ways of online business with the Top aces mentors in the game, I enjoy life. I am strongly involved in animal rights, practice Kung Fu, travel over the world, and yes, even when I am working :). Lastly, I write on blogs, 2 books and learn to be a greater person.

I am also a well-travelled and cultured man, as I speak five languages, Russian, Ukrainian, French, English and still learning German. Finally, I lived for countless years in 3 hemispheres of the globe, Eastern Europe, North America and West Europe.

Right now, I am currently based in Vienna, Austria, but splitting time between there, Ukraine and all over the world.

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