I will be more than happy to share with you how this unique system and formula work, and how a laptop changed my life. If you like the sound of this, click here, JOIN this EXCLUSIVE OFFER FREE 30-day trial so you may find out why my mentors are cooler than what they are.


Each day you should begin by visualizing and imagining yourself where you want to be. Then work your way from there. Do a task, take a step or whatever action is necessary for the desired direction and destination. So you make things happen. Get a brand-new lifestyle.


My team and I are passionate when it comes to helping people create a new life, a laptop lifetsyle or an online business that can be run from any place in the world. It is precisely what we are designed to do; helping you climb the steps to achieve a greater future.


I help in the growth process for anyone to get from a condition to a new one. The steps are usually generated through taken actions. Thus, it makes personal growth unique to perform or achieve any form of success such as goals, health, happiness, wealth and more.


My slogan is ‘YOU ARE ONLY A DREAM AWAY.’ So if you are looking for another way to make a living, then you are in the right place. Here is an exciting method to add more freedom to your life. You can do this just by using a laptop and an internet connection.


If you decide to get the full package, you will have access to a digital toolkit which includes an infinite amount of tools for you to use. This toolbox becomes limitless as its content increases to keep you up-to-date with the newest changes that are happening in the digital business.
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Are you wondering if it is Possible to Be Successful on the net? Become an Entrepreneur? Create Your Own Business Online? Live the Brand-New Life You Have always Wanted?

First, if those kinds of questions are on your mind, it is time to consider. You are not here reading this by accident but because you are aware of your desire for something different in life. Each day, you see or hear of countless of people who make a successful living by using nothing more than a laptop or a computer, and an Internet connection.

And then, many of them have what is called a ‘laptop lifetsyle’ which allows them to travel the world while making an income. It feels like the style of living you’ve always wanted, and you want to know more. So how and what is the magic behind such people’s lifestyle?

The Magic Solution

The world we now live in is being transformed into some realm of digital economy. The way to do things has changed, is changing and keeps on changing. If you are anything like me, you have come to realize the remarkable opportunity that is being offered to you: The joy of living your own lifestyle and this time, on your terms, by building a business online.

You feel like it is an excellent solution but where should you even begin?

Above all, you are exactly where you need to be! Because the Magic Solution for such a new lifestyle is quite simple: A PROVEN BUSINESS ONLINE MODEL and A BLUEPRINT.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have no formal education or any business experience. I am here to tell you that by using this simplified business design, countless people from all over the world are capable. They thrive while learning and getting experience on their journey as entrepreneurs. Because the internet allows you to do business from anywhere!


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Who better to understand you? I lived countless years in three hemispheres of the globe, East Europe, North America & West Europe. Therefore, I am what could be considered an expert on what is a TRIPLE lifestyle, culture and mentality. As a result, I can look in three different ways at any problem you may have and give the best solution.


Making money while you sleep is called Passive Income. Money that keeps coming after the work is done is Residual Income. Both are great ways to be financially free. Don’t get me wrong; commitment and efforts are still needed if you want to generate a passive or residual income 24/7 for the rest of your life.


When you need help boosting your personal growth or way to success, I share posts. They are published very often for you to enjoy. I try to do this by bringing the best in you and by conveying the truth. You have to remember that all you post or tweet, and each picture you place on the internet is there forever, so choose wisely.


Great Job. Thank you Sergei. I couln’t believe it. Such an easy walk through to build a business online. Absolutely stunning!

Nassim de Bougie

One of the best things about Sergei and the online education system he offers is that all the teaching is provided from day one. No need for products, or a business to get started. And in addition, he provided me with a free 30-day trial. Amazing!

Lazlo Richard

Sergei is quite helpful when it comes to personal growth & success. I am a model and his teaching makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. He always gives you great advice. Just wish I could afford to get more often in his consultations. Tough at times but great mentor!


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I provide like-minded individuals of all ages with an easy and proven step-by-step online system on how to achieve success. I do this by giving the most valuable information, a free 30-day trial, all of the new integrated digital tools and a successful set up which guarantee benefits in business and life.


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Even with all the incredible online systems today, I still am a big fan of the old-fashioned human interaction. So, the best and most comfortable way to talk to me is to book a call. By the way, I also use Skype. Follow me on Instagram as well as other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeLinkedInGoogle+