On your path through life, there is a step you must take, and it is to awaken the warrior within you. You, we are all born with this fighting spirit embedded in our spiritual DNA for the role we have to play as creators in this universe. Yet, only a minority of people awakens to this warrior within. Why?

So, what holds you back from being that warrior? Do you always think about improving your life but won’t do anything about it? Are you always stuck in your mental battlefield of doubts, insecurities, and shattering beliefs from the past?

It may be a direct answer but what happens is that early on when you are young, you are educated by society and enslaved by fear. And it is usually fear, limiting beliefs and opinions of others that are holding you back from awakening the warrior within you and living your true path in life.

In most cases, it is done unconsciously by people who mean well in your life; perhaps your teachers, friends or family. They are somehow trying to protect you, and show that they love you, so they inflict upon you the “should and shouldn’t” rule. The examples abound: “Do not climb that fence, you are going to fall.” “Do not wear those clothes; you are going to embarrass yourself.” Or “Do not try that career, don’t you know that ninety percent of the people who tried it fail.”

And so, by repeatedly having these comments come in, it unconsciously restricts you and controls you. It puts a fence around the warrior within you. Therefore, when ideas or nudges come in your spirits, such as a great concept that could be a breakthrough and might change the world or part of it, you never try because fear or unconscious rules shackle you.

And yes, I must admit that it is hard to break free from these rules, but it is not impossible, you can do it. You can do this as you awaken the warrior that is within you.

The Low Blow to Destroy the Warrior Within

You may have the desire to want to change, but you do not want to because it feels uncomfortable. The only way to make changes is to step outside the box, into the unknown, face the barriers, the opponents, and the resistance to awaken the powerful and determined warrior within.

Very often, when you do feel like you make progress, you have the desire to open up to some of your loved ones. But you then immediately receive a low blow to get shut down and are utterly destroyed by their fears, suspicions, and doubts.

As a result, you revert to your old beliefs and return to your comfort zone. You do not dare to risk anymore, and so you wait and let time pass by until you get the courage to make another attempt to rouse the warrior within you. It then becomes a permanent cycle that crushes your desires, energy, passion, and courage. The doubts begin to step in again, and you then search for an answer elsewhere.

I do understand you. There are a few times in my life where I have been there, and I know how it feels. But the warrior within me always took over after a period of time. So should it go for you.

Understanding the Warrior Within

My Sifu, or if you prefer, my Kung Fu master, taught me many things on different subjects. Some of these things are at a conscious level, but most of them get at an unconscious one. You should integrate the few lessons that follow into your life as it will help you understand the warrior within.

Follow Your Heart

The first lesson is that you have to follow your heart and step into the warrior within to reach your greatness and authenticity. Stop searching or making excuses. You have all that you need to achieve what you want.

It is now time for you to listen to your heart and step on the path that you desire to take. There comes a time where it’s more than enough to follow other people’s blueprints to achieve your life. It is yours, not theirs to live. So stop chasing your own tail.

Let Go of Fear

The next lesson is to eliminate doubts and to let it go of fear once and for all. You may think that you do not know how to live without it since it has been with you for so long. However, the warrior within you is fearless.

For a while, you might be like a ‘lone wolf‘ fighting your battles alone. But you have to spend less time on nonsense and more time diving deep into the state of your soul by making time for mindfulness.

The Warrior Within Accept Others as They Are

The last lesson I want to give you is to end trying to change your loved ones or anyone for that matter and to accept and love them as they are. Enjoy each moment spent with them because those instants will never happen again.

Learn to work more on your inner peace and give more love to others. You need the way of the warrior within who knows how to speak softer, be more kind and enjoy people.

The Aspects of the Warrior Within

The warrior within is focused, powerful, disciplined, unwavering, courageous, and determined. You have to be able to perform effectively no matter which circumstances come your way. The real warrior that you are has an unshakable tenacity and is full of self-assurance. A warrior develops a mindset that can be used to accomplish any goals or to defend a cause, help any living being as well as the less fortunate, and better the world.

The Warrior Within Defends and Protects

The warrior within defends and protects all boundaries, whether they are physical, financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It transforms your thoughts into action and it can help you reach the results, and achieve your goals. You have to let the warrior in you take charge of your life. So do not be afraid to tackle challenges head-on and to take risks to get what you want

The Warrior Within Has Resources

The warrior within knows himself. You have to study your situation or opposition, and then carefully assess it. Thus, you need to live in the present moment, pay attention to small things, and appreciate the differences. You always have to keep a vast selection of conceivable action. When you watch, listen, and trust your intuition or instincts, you can then respond appropriately.

The Warrior Sees that the Real Battle Is Within

The real battle is raging within you. A warrior within knows that the little voice inside your head is what stops you from going after what you want, and from accomplishing your objectives. Combating a war with yourself is not about fighting, but it is about the capacity, audacity, and commitment to not quit. So, do not give in when your inner voice tries to pull you away from what you are trying to achieve.

The Tenacity of the Warrior Within

The warrior within has this mental tenacity that you should carry at all-time. It is implanted in your DNA since birth. Your identity as such a fighter can only manifest through a heart full of life and passion. Do not let this warrior be shattered from your life. Instead, let it rise if you actually want to change your life. You have to do what it takes for you to go into a place of change.

Attaining the Warrior Spirit

Most people have lost the warrior spirit. They only react at the last minute, when the circumstances hit the fan and begin building massive problems. At that time, it is often too late. Perhaps you have no interest in changing or better yourself because you like to remain in your comfortable actuality.

To stimulate the warrior within as well as its spirit, you have to avoid comfort at all costs. It is only when you are willing to break out of your comfort zone and pursue what you want that it awakens. Of course, you have to expect resistance when you try to make changes.

Therefore, when you decide to make a change, whether it is to reach your goals, face fear, lose weight, do things you have never done or overcome a difficult time, you have to expect the opposition that comes with it. It is a natural balance of life.

How to Awaken the Warrior Within You

Yes, all kinds of distractions will appear to keep you from reaching the warrior within. You will encounter walls, barriers, loss, desire, lack of motivation or inspiration, disappointment and more. But to awaken the warrior within you, you could create a consistent practice that will keep the inner warrior alive.

It can consist of martial arts as it usually includes the philosophy of the way of life. That could also be rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, archery, or anything that makes you feel a connection with the warrior within. You could also awaken the inner warrior by making decisions you usually would not or by working on gaining more confidence.

Tips to Awaken the Warrior Within

Within you, even if you feel introverted, meek, fearful, or shy, there lies a warrior within. This inner combatant is always ready to get into the battle and do these things:

  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Defend your boundaries.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Protect what is yours.
  • Change, improve and grow.
  • See the opportunity for the warrior within when resistance comes its way.
  • Go out into the world and transform your ideas into physical form.
  • Take out your sword to anyone or anything that tries to stop or interrupt you.
  • Strengthen your energy and use it to achieve your goals and live your best life.
  • Take your sword out of any circumstance that does not allow you to focus.
  • Make time to work on projects that are important to you.
  • Understand and control difficult circumstances.
  • Rise and grow to new levels.
  • The warrior within gets things done.

As a result, cultivate the warrior within can help you control and even master the challenges of life. It can also release hidden power strength and inner knowing. Also, setting free your inner warrior is crucial to accomplishing your goals. Remember that your willpower will often be tested. You will be opposed just as if you are in a battle. And you will need to fight at many turns. But in the end, you want the mighty warrior within, the one you truly are to rise and make its mark.

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