In life, you should not be afraid to stand alone when times come where you are challenged to stand up for what you believe in. It might just be a situation that forces you to decide to stick to your belief or follow the crowd. But whatever it is, you may have to undergo rejection, hate, envy, and mocking.

Do you have the courage to stand firm for your beliefs? Can you do so by doing what you need, even if it means standing alone? Are you the lion or the sheep?

Well, at this point, a saying comes to mind: “The lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

You have to be passionate about what you believe in and do not be afraid to stand alone. Even if it means that you feel like being attacked, rejected, mocked as well as hated by others, you have to persist. These things happen sometimes for no apparent reasons.

How to Stand Alone

However, you need to stand firm in your convictions while believing strongly in what you are doing.
You have to stand alone or hold your ground in the minority when it comes to what you believe is acceptable and what is not.

Your situation may involve something as apparently unimportant as refusing to spend time with colleagues after work but rather go home. Or it may include a circumstance that demands an extreme sacrifice on your part which you do not accept.

To stand alone requires an immense courage. This bravery is not an absence of fear, but more a decision based on your belief in something higher than your feeling of fear. Besides, even children stand alone at times for what they believe in.

The Motivation to Stand Firm

The passion, hunger, and thirst for what you have faith in are what motivate you to act in such a way. It can completely change your life, often for the better. When you are not as hungry as the wolf or the lion is, you follow the majority and become a sheep lost in the herd.

And yes, when you stand alone and hold your ground, you may lose friends, relatives and bring haters your way. But you need to focus on what is important to you and your life. In any case, it helps you identify who your friends are and who is not.

People come and go. There is no need for you to have an adverse reaction towards those people. Even if you once cared deeply about some of them, they now envy you, hate you or despise you. A lion or a wolf stands alone, hold his ground, tempt the impossible and leaves the past behind him.

Not Afraid to Stand Alone

It is the past relationships, the pain, the feelings and the emptiness that creates the loss of being part of the herd. I understand that being a part of a particular group, or a crowd if you will, feels safer, better, and more comfortable. But at times, it also stops you from growing and progressing.

So, just wish all of your haters, lost friends and forgotten relatives anything but happiness. And keep moving on, even if it means to stand alone. You have to realize that while you may feel left out now, it won’t be forever.

In fact, being alone is healthy, being lonely is what is not. You are like the lion, far more intricate. Realize that you are hungry for more than what the world wants to give you. If you have to believe in something, so why not believe in something you love and care about.

Stand Alone for Your Beliefs

So now that you stand alone for whatever you believe in, you feel left behind by the crowd. But soon, however, a smaller group of stronger lions will become part of your pride. You will then satisfy your hunger for your belief and at times even play nice with the sheep.

Therefore, understand that it is ok to stand alone and be a lion. You care about the opinion of sheep, but do not let it affect you. Stand for what you believe in and hold on to it to drive you forward. Become a person of integrity, honor, courage, understanding, and hunger by being on your own.

When you stand alone, do not be afraid. Remember that you have the opportunity to have the courage of the lion and stand proud and humble with the gentleness of a dog. For if you believe in something, and stand for it, you will indeed live a life full of joy, love, respect and have no regrets.

After reading this article, let me know what you are thinking by leaving your comments below.

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