We all have fear, yet to be fearless in everything is the greatest place if you want to live fully. All of us experience being afraid, but what makes great people successful is their boldness. Most people hang on to their fears. However, life keeps moving on, even without them. So how can you deal with fear?

Is fear indeed something you are born with? What doubts keep you locked inside four invisible walls? Which life could you have if you were to be fearless? How can you have a better understanding of fear and learn how to deal with it?

To get more confidence, less pressure, and to feel powerful, the one essential element is fearlessness. When you are no longer full of stress, doubts, and concerns, you become fearless. And when you are daring in everything that you do, you feel genuinely incredible.

Each of us has something that they struggle with or something that they are afraid to do. But no matter what your concerns are, there are ways of dealing with them. Fear is often the little voice that you hear in your mind, holding you back from change, growth, success, serenity, fulfillment, and joy.

Be Fearless or Be in Fear

To be fearless or being afraid is a choice. Think about it. Your fears might limit you in many ways that you are not even aware of. How many of your fears have ever come true? Eighty-five percent of your doubts, worries or concerns never happen. So, what is the point of having such dreads in the first place?

In a way, it is funny because your brain is only trying to help you when it creates a fear reaction. Your mind is just designing a worst case scenario to get you ready for an unfortunate circumstance. Yet, it is common for any of us to get upset more than we should.

Therefore, when I recently read the book “The 50th Law” and listen to the audio, I realized that most of the time, as I took so many risks in my life, I knew how to be fearless and still am. Yet, the approach, outlook, mindset and the insights expressed in this book are a real gold mine. And even if I am not a ‘50 cent’ song’s fan, I misjudged this man who is the co-writer.

The Law of Good and Bad Events

The book tells us that good and bad things happen to everyone in life. It is a law of nature. There are many situations which you and I do not have much control over. But it shows us that the only thing we have control over is our mindset and how we respond to our circumstances.

So, when you know how to be fearless and have a bold attitude towards life, something strange and remarkable occurs. It somehow gives you the unique ability to shape your circumstances. In our present world, we are safer than our prehistoric ancestors, so most fears should be unrealistic.

However, these fears come from situations or circumstances that have not happened or might never happen. You have false opinions and beliefs rather than being fearless. This deceitful thinking lives inside the part of you that is the scared child who wants security and comfort.

To Be Fearless Is Not Being a People Pleaser

I know for a fact that in the long run, it does not pay to be a people pleaser. The reason for this is that you would let go of learning how to adapt to change. To be fearless is to know your worth and stand up for your convictions, no matter what others believe.

So rather than please others, be fearless instead. If you are scared of something in life, in a small or significant way, try to think about the concept of embracing your fears, because fear is an essential element for massive growth and positive change.

As a result, if you are afraid of something like we all are, then you know you have found a goldmine. Why? Well, because it is the best place to dig for the precious stones that can get your freedom from fear, and send you spiraling on the way to become fearless.

How to Be Fearless in Everything

As I am getting older, I realize one thing for sure. I have only one life to live right now, and it will end someday, far in the future I hope. So then again, I ask myself, what is the point of living it in fear?

I have learned a lot about fear and how to be fearless in my life as a professional athlete. And I know that the difference between successful people and those who are not is that the way of dealing with their fear. Here are some different ways I used to prepare myself for significant competition and how they helped me conquer most of my fears.

Be Fearless – Reading

It is one of my favorite things to do. I even got rid of my television. When you read a book associated with your fears, it can give you answers on how to get liberated from it. I always fill my life with inspirational readings which are related to all kinds of topics. Learn to be fearless!

Be Fearless – Challenging Yourself

Unless you do know, you have to discover areas in your life where you feel fear. For me, it is speaking in front of a huge crowd. What is your biggest fear? Look at it right in the eye, and accept discomfort as you break out of your comfort zone. In this way, you can reap the great rewards of becoming fearless.

Be Fearless – Copying Bold People

You should copycat the high points of the many role models you admire. Whether it is in person, through a book, or online, you have to use these examples as mentors. It is an excellent source to battle your fears. Then feed your mind with images of what you want your future self to be like.

Be Fearless – Building Your Cluster

You need to build relationships with people who share a similar vision and worldview. Find individuals who want to work on your team or be fearless with you on your journeys. But always remember to trust and count only on yourself. You will be less disappointed.

Be Fearless – Being Uncomfortable

Yes, at times, you will look stupid, be inexperienced, make mistakes or feel vulnerable. It happens, but do not let it hold you back. We are all beginners before becoming masters. If you can let go of your fears, then you are well on your way to be fearless and live a more fabulous life. But you also need to take action.

To Be Fearless is Also Taking Action

Being scared of things sometimes is acceptable. But to be fearless, you have to take action in spite of your fear. You cannot let your concerns stop you from speaking up or acting. Actions are the most significant cure for fear.

So, ‘50 Cent’ has this to say about being fearless: “The key to possessing this supreme power is to assume the active mode in dealing with your fears. It means entering the very arenas you normally shy away from. Such things as making the tough decisions you have been avoiding, confronting the people who are playing power games with you, think of yourself and what you need instead of pleasing others. And making yourself change the direction of your life even though such a change is the very thing you dread.”

It is truly an incredible statement in my eyes. So many people are doing the same thing, thinking the same ways, and being stuck because they are too scared to decide, take actions and be fearless to change their situations.

Tips to Be Fearless in Everything

  • Think about what is the worst that could happen? I have fallen off my horse in races in front of thousands of people. There is nothing to be ashamed of! I lived. Life goes on. Better try and fail than never try at all. Be fearless!
  • Let go when you experience feelings of fear because often you spend your day worrying or fearing things.
  • Remind yourself that it is all in your mind and that most fears never happen.
  • Consider an action plan to deal with the worst case scenario.
  • Realize what you can lose by staying paralyzed by fear.
  • Let go of outcomes. Stay open to any possibility. If life takes you left instead of right, let it. Go with what life gives you. It might be more fun.
  • Be childlike. Act for a day as if you do not know anything. See everything as a source of education.
  • Be fearless and face your fear. You might be surprised to find out that it was not that bad.
  • Reward yourself when being fearless.
  • Take action, whatever it is. Go hard. And be fearless.

A Closing Idea to Be Fearless

A good idea, to be fearless, is to return to that mind you possessed as a child, so you can open to new experiences instead of being closed minded. Let us imagine for a day that you do not know anything, that what you believe could be completely false and learn.

Remember that everybody who has ever done something great failed over and over before succeeding. To be fearless requires a growth mindset. Nothing remains the same forever. You can change. The tips, time, actions, as well as an open mind, will help you become bolder and be more successful.

If you want to learn how to be fearless, click here to book a session to make you a lion!

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