To change yourself in positive ways is not an easy feat but rather a hard one. In other words, most of us are weak, overwhelmed or even pathetic when it comes to making changes. But the makeover is possible. It is when you struggle with the fact that it is no longer acceptable, that you are ready for it.

Is there a change you tried to make but have not succeeded? Why people, in general, experience extreme difficulty when trying to change a single habit? What changes should you start with?

It is not an easy question. Making or creating a ‘different’ you can be tremendously challenging. But if think your life is currently on the wrong path, or not where you want to be, then a radical amount of constructive change in positive ways might be the best thing.

So, to change yourself requires a lot of discipline, but also knowing what your ‘ideal self’ looks like and recognizing your current weaknesses. It is usually a time when you take a hard look at the truth and realize that enough is enough. That is why it is uncomfortable for many people to make a change.

Beginning to Change Yourself

No one ever said it was going to be easy! To reach your ideal, you need to find role models who will help guide you along the way. If mentors are absent, read books about people you admire and begin to copy their habits. To change yourself, you need to have short and long-term goals.

In my life, there are so many changes I have gone through. And no matter if the change was small or big, each time was of importance. Studies show that to change a habit takes around 21 days, so three weeks. Yet, I had habits that took months or years to change as they were ingrained more in-depth into my unconscious.

Therefore, realize that you might be different. It may be easier or harder depending on the change or habit. You have to figure out what works for you. With that said, if you want to make a difference and develop different and new habits, start first by believing you can.

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Nuts and Bolts of New Ways

I wrote several times about how to change, replace old habits, or develop new habits in positive ways, but here are the nuts and bolts:

  • Create a 30 or 90-day challenge for yourself, and focus on how to change just one habit at the time.
  • Put it out on paper, and add the obstacles and strategies you might have to overcome them.
  • Make an end goal by writing down your outcome.
  • Make it a big picture goal but divide it into multiple parts with smaller goals to achieve.
  • Put the written goal somewhere where you can see every day.
  • Commit fully and go full in.
  • Log your progress and report on it each week.
  • Relax and realize it is okay when you weaken as it happens to everyone.
  • If you fail, understand what went wrong but do not dwell on it. And then try again to change.
  • Reward every little success you make or get.

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How to Change Yourself in Positive Ways

Learn from the best when it comes to transforming yourself into a different you. Again, find people who truly embody the person you want to be. Use and imitate various qualities or habits you respect from different persons to make a change.

But you have to develop positive ways of thinking. It is the first essential key to help you replace, build, and form any other habit or change you have in mind. Of course, positive thoughts alone will not lead to straight to success. On the other hand, it certainly assists you in pushing you to do the things required to succeed.

So, if you allow yourself to have negative thinking, you always end up failing. You have to think positive thoughts instead; it will give you a higher chance of success. It could be invaluable to you! Practice positive thinking again and again, until you can change and form just about any habit you need.

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Exercising is Part of Change

Yes, exercise is healthy and all that, and it is also a part of any change. But how does it change your habits? Well, I walk two hours a day, every day. I am a sportsman by nature, but the last year I have done less exercise, and I got a thrombosis from being too many hours in front of my computer.

In fact, exercise makes you feel better about yourself. It clears your mind and makes you more confident. Workouts lead to a right mindset, constructive change, and better success. And you need to think in positive ways to endure exercise.

As a result, it relieves stress and gives you time to think. It then leads to better mental well-being in your life overall and helps with creativity. A friend of mine, Jonathan Dewaele is a great teacher when it comes to health and fitness.

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Change by Taking Baby Steps

The key to change is making baby steps to imprint a new habit into the subconscious. Every goal or change you make should be a step toward your desired outcome. Small changes or goals should be tangible, but do not be afraid to have a big crazy goal.

Then, focus on only one small change. When you focus on one habit or goal at a time, it is more efficient. It is a powerful way of achieving your goals or changes for that matter. Focus and energy are the two vital ingredients for making a necessary change or the desired objective.

Therefore, pick one of the habits to focus on first. Break it into smaller aims and choose an action you can do today. Keep doing it every day until your goal is accomplished. Then get to the next modest target and so on. In some instances, turn them into habits until your routine is ingrained. And then focus on the following goal to achieve.

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Change of Daily Routine

Change seems simple, and yet it is hard. You need to transform and create a new daily routine for yourself, which will make an enormous difference in your life. It means developing a habit for the morning, afternoon and evening.

Thus, it will revolutionize your life because a new routine will help you to simplify your days, focus on what is most important, and build the life you desire. In short, you have to eliminate the non-essential in your life.

First of all, you need to identify the things in your life that are most important to you, or what you love the most. Then eliminate all other stuff. It makes things simpler and gives you the space to focus on what is essential.

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Cultivating Kindness as a Change

Yes, cultivating and being kind is a great habit to have. Try to focus on kindness each day for a month or two and see what sorts of profound changes enter in your life. It will change you in positive ways, and over the long run, you will see people act towards you differently and even treat you better.

It is called karma! How can you cultivate a kindness habit? Well, first, make it your goal to say or do something kind for a living being each day. It does not matter if it is human or animal. During the day, when an opportunity presents itself, be kind or do a caring act.

Therefore, each time you talk, interact or work with somebody, make an effort to be kind and compassionate. Finally, attempt to go beyond and into more significant acts of compassion. You could volunteer to help those in need or animal causes.

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A Final Word on Change and New Ways

So, begin to change your wrong habits in positive ways and accept any small success. Each time you reach a short goal or transformation, you get closer to your outcome. It is a great thing!

However, do not get too satisfied when it happens. Take some time to appreciate the change and keep moving forward to your next desire. These new habits will change your life. It will help you genuinely root the constructive changes in your everyday life.

My closing words are to keep making new goals. Push and drive yourself to become a better version of the person you are now. To change yourself in positive ways and get better habits, you need to have a vivid picture of your final goal and then break it into smaller goals. And then, let it become a routine that gets ingrained and becomes a natural part of you. I know you can do it!

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