I will start by saying that there is not just one reason but several reasons for success in life. Some motives create a package deal which you make for yourself. You have to adopt the best habits and tools which in turn build you an even stronger character and personality so that you may succeed.

But what are some of those reasons? How do they work? How can you incorporate habits into your life to help you achieve?

It can work for you, for me or anyone that chooses to, but it does not happen overnight.

“Rome was not built in one day” – Collection ‘Li Proverbe au Vilain’ (1190 AD)

If successful people had to make a choice, they would say that the main reasons they reached success today are that they “Go full in” when deciding to do something and they “Never give up.” There is also the fact that they are determined individuals.

Another motive for success in life is to start “Thinking” as a successful person, and then, the next step would be to “Take action.”

I got lucky enough to have these qualities for success in my genes and acquire them through my years of experience of traveling and living alone. But aside from having these traits in your character and personality, you should also have other strong behaviors such as:

A correct mindset, a winning mentality, motivation, persistence, intuition, consistency, belief, self-confidence, inspiration, strict work ethic and be able to embrace change as well as going out of your comfort zone.

Long Term Investment over Short Term

At times, you have tasks that you can complete in a short period, and it is wonderful. It gives you instant payoff and even pleasure. Short terms successes are addictive but are not the sole reason for a successful life.

Every great athlete, entrepreneur, singer, or actor knows that to build something on a long term, which is strong and sustainable, you have to begin investing time now; and the results often do not manifest themselves for years.

If that is something you cannot deal with, then you simply are not thinking long-term but short term. If you can only reflect on short-term rewards such as what your next paycheck will look like because you work hard this month, it is time to reconsider your objectives.

The reasons for success are not as simple as going to a restaurant and order some food. It takes hard work, sometimes, for years. I do not say that some of the current efforts you give will not have short-term results, it will. But to build a sustainable and profitable business, you will do a lot of the grinding work now, and you will only reap the rewards further in the future.

You Have to Make Changes

A lot of people are not willing to wait or grind so hard without any returns for months or years, even if they know the needed reasons for success. To become successful, you also have to work real hard on yourself while most of the friends you have will fade away.

You also have to realize that somehow and on its own, your circle of friends will decrease, but will increase in value. Those who are true will remain and be a support along your journey. Now you have to make changes and work on yourself.

Here are some of the things you could change in your life while still working on others:

  • Change of some habits to better ones.
  • Mind programming to start thinking like rich people until it becomes second nature.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and keep doing it.
  • Take action daily.
  • Get mentors or copy people you admire.
  • Become grateful each morning and evening. It is one of the reasons for success.
  • Learn to take more risks. It is another motive for achievement.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Take accountability for yourself.
  • Start reading more about your field and what relates to it. Hit the books.
  • Focus on building assets and limit the buying of liabilities.
  • Stop buying things that you do not need or do not serve you to improve yourself.
  • Learn how to manage money.
  • Learn not to make excuses.
  • Begin to act like the person you ultimately want to become.
  • Develop a ritual by tracking your spending.
  • Start to invest first in creating multiple sources of income and then spend the rest. As a result, a significant reason for success.
  • Stop watching TV for hours.
  • Learn to walk away from negative people or situations.
  • Become a Wolf.

The Reasons for Success

Becoming a wolf is not something for everyone. In fact, it is less than 1 out of every 50,000 people in the world. A wolf, for me, is someone who has written their life’s vision, continually setting milestone goals to reach that vision, and works like hell, day in and day out, to get it.

Think of the great legends in sport or any field, or about the Titans in the business world: Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, Connor Macgregor, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, and more.

These people are at the top, at the absolute top, and they all share many reasons for success. They all have that killer focus for their goals and take no crap from anyone or anything. That is how they reached their place at the top in the first place.

So many people call themselves wolves or killers but when it comes down to it, most of them are not because their reasons for success differed between their thinking and their acting. They instead take time ‘off’ and go out once or twice a week to party and ‘hangout.’

They wait for Friday to come along. They save money to party all weekend. But successful people know that they need to save and invest money in building their empire rather than spend it on trivialities.

A Final Reason

If you are not a ‘weekend party’ advocate, if you believe in those reasons for success, if you are planning or making the first step towards success, then you are a wolf or in the process of becoming one. Remember, a wolf is not a wolf for a day, week, month, or even year. It is a lifetime pursuit.

“You can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.” – Zig Ziglar

There are also no rewards without risk. Taking risks is part of any successful individual which is another reason for success, and while failing does not feel right, you have to know what good it does to you.

Keep on failing over and over, and then suddenly success will be yours. You will then not feel so bad about your fiascoes because you got to see that it was only through your failures that you acquired the right way to succeed.

What I mean is that sometimes the greatest rewards come from taking risks or opportunities that may be scary or uncomfortable.

Look for opportunities in unexpected places, and you just might be surprised at what you find. You know that the path of victory is not for everyone due to the reasons for success. It is for the few who have realized that they rather die than not to have accomplished their vision. The ones who do GO FULL IN and NEVER GIVE UP!

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