What most people do not realize as an online business entrepreneur is that they must use some specific Software and Resource Tools. It is necessary for you to have them so as to make your business more profitable and successful. Most people have a difficult time not knowing which Resource Tools are the greatest to accomplish these steps!

So, what is often unclear in all of this? Well, the fact of understanding what kind of resource tools is going to be right for YOU. There are thousands of software available, and all of them saying they are outstanding.

I have gone through the same thing, and so with the help of my mentor, I decided to clarify most of the mess. Together, we selected a list which I believe are the tools that will help you tremendously. You should know that I simplified my business online by using the same exact resources that you will see below.

If you are serious about being successful, know that these powerful resources are necessary for any business website! While building your Brand, you have to establish a truth. That reality is the fact that you are an Expert in your field. So that people may know you as an authority.


AWeber is an autoresponder follow up which collect, track and manage your subscriber list.

It sends automated emails you create in the sequence you choose to your list of subscribers and prospects. It is one of the best resource tools as it also has 700 pre-made templates to choose from. You can also create email letters, campaigns or broadcasts which are simple enough for newbies and advanced for experts.


Digital Business Lounge is a service with an easy-to-use platform that is essential if you desire to have a successful business online. It provides you with a unique all-in-one display of the largest set of resource tools you could have at your disposition on the market. it makes it simple to follow, even if you are just starting.


Fiverr is an online platform where you can find millions of services being performed from as little as 5.00 dollars. Freelancers offer their specialty services in the form of gigs, also known as micro-jobs. Their skills go from content writing, voice over, logos, videos, translations, graphic artistry to design. At the same time, Fiverr also allows you an affordable way to purchase these micro-gigs; always at low prices to create almost any of your business online projects.
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‘Six Figure Mentors’ is one of the best education programs when it comes to learning how to be an entrepreneur online or build a profitable business online. It is the system I use for my business and includes a ton of resource tools. Furthermore, it has weekly live training webinars that demonstrates how to create a brand, marketing, having the correct mindset and more.

There is also an endless video collection of previous teachings placed by categories to acquire an extensive education. This way, you will develop lifetime skills which you could use for any other digital online income ideas you might have.


‘WordPress Elegant Themes’ is the ultimate toolkit to create your website. The membership gives you full access to 87 amazing themes and three excellent plugins, including ‘Divi’ which has a visual page maker. It is the theme I am using for my website. It will change the way you build websites forever.
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Graphix Creator is a remarkable application that provides you with an efficient way to create a high-quality cover. It works for any eBook, DVD or digital product you have, or just as I did, images for your business online. There are several templates to choose from, and it takes less than 5 minutes to craft a cover from nothing. Of all the resource tools out there, the all process is made in an effortless, rapid, stylish and professional way.


Simple Lead Capture is an app that makes it quick and very simple to build the finest converting landing pages. You can create them in around 10 minutes and use for any business on the web. It has a built-in system that is amazingly easy to use, yet produces beautiful and professional pages. It is one of the resource tools that is also ‘design work and coding’ free. Therefore, it includes a lead capture page builder that allows you to make, edit and publish your landing pages without much effort.


Spindistribute is an online platform which distributes and publishes your content articles. It provides in around 800 unique versions and issue on more than 800 websites. As a result, it creates relevant backlinks which mean more traffic to your site or blog. I like to write my own articles. However, it also has a complete service which writes articles and distributes them for you.
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When using this application, you can quickly learn the skill to produce and customize any YouTube embed codes. All you have to do is choose from the video ID or URL. It offers lots of different options such as eliminating related videos, autoplay, loop, and more. It then generates a new version of the YouTube embed code which makes it ready to put on your website or blog.


TidyURL is a free application that creates what is usually called ‘short-links’ on the internet. When you sign up, you get a free account. While it allows you not only to generate and save your links more efficiently, it gives the possibility to organize them in different custom menus as well. A simple but great tool for any business out there.



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