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Just picture if you discover an easy and proven way to earn more while working less. No matter if your desired life is to live a brand-new lifestyle, work at home, have a laptop lifestyle, or travel the world, it is possible.

Sergei VanBellinghen & First Class Lifestyle work in close relation with Six Figure Mentors, which is such an option. Due to its education, training and marketing system, it gets you ready for every part of being an online entrepreneur while on the go.

Therefore, it goes from learning the basics to laying a strong foundation, progressing and growing, to finally gaining financial security and a different lifestyle. And you are getting educated by top business leaders and mentors from around the globe.

Digital Expert Academy is the next step and is created for people who desire to evolve to a higher level of learning and doing business online.

You will also reach new heights which will bring you to become a master entrepreneur in your own rights. Thus, acquiring exceptional and powerful skills that will able to make money of almost anything you can think of.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek launched Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA). And all I can tell you is that these guys have changed my life. Today, I live a First Class Lifestyle. As a result, we are now ready to show you that it is possible for you too.


The apps & tools software which you will be provided with will give you a tremendous advantage over many. A real asset to any laptop lifestyle.

You will also get a blueprint and learn all of the needed strategies so you can quickly generate some extra revenue. In doing so, you will even create a brand-new lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

The most valuable software applications you will work with are many, but here are just a few of them:

  • Digital Business Lounge: Step-by-step platform to build a website and much more.
  • Simple Lead Capture: Create live and ready-to-go landing pages in the blink of an eye.
  • Graphix Creator: A powerful app that helps you create a cover for almost anything.
  • Simple Trakk: An easy way to track your marketing efforts.

You will also LEARN HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC through weekly live webinars, led by mentors and top people in the community.

Finally, you will know how to give value to people from around the world which will generate leads, get prospects and turn them into loyal clients.

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Having full access to the Digital Skills Platform is an incredible way to learn. A great method while living the laptop lifestyle. You can enjoy a top life, travel the world or work on the business from home.

It is an innovative tool where you can improve your online skills or acquire new ones, even when you are short on time!

The creator of this system is ‘Grovo’ which is top notch when it comes to microlearning.

It has a scientific and proven method that involves your mind and makes you recall much more information.

So our Digital Skills Library is Micro-learning based. It gives out 1-2 minute video sessions to teach you and brings you THE LATEST in learning science.

These Micro-lessons are intended for your brain to learn in the best way. It also includes little quizzes and quick exercises.

It is a great technique if you have only a short amount of time to spare. Very handy when you want to have a lifestyle where you often travel abroad or live a laptop lifestyle. You will be happily surprised at how swiftly you improve your abilities or learn new ones.

These easily digestible video tutorials exceed a broad range of skills, going from blogging, marketing, SEO, Ad creation to mastering some of the most important social media platforms, even if you are a complete beginner.


Whether you are a Student, Employee or Stayhome Parent, it doesn’t matter. You will have full access to your own high-class back office dashboard on a site designed for members only. Therefore, you will be provided with a ton of tools such as:

  • Step-by-Step Success Training
  • 5-Modules Digital Life Training
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Live Support Team
  • Live Events
  • Private Community Membership
  • Business System Consultant
  • Monthly Founders Visionary Call

Then, you will get a blueprint made with a step-by-step modules course, each phase in the curriculum describes the necessary actions to grow your business for a lifetime success.

Next, you will be invited to join a live Master Marketing Mastermind session each week. There you will learn amazing tactics and get valuable insights for developing your business faster than ever. And much more!

If You Feel READY To Join Us, Then Get Your FREE Student Account or Your FREE 30-Day Trial Now

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The system I use presents also a very easy-to-follow affiliate marketing opportunity for those who are new and would like to embark on a brand-new lifestyle. Of course, there are also possibilities for current affiliate marketers to make even higher profits.

I can consider myself fortunate to work with what I believe to be one of the most revolutionary affiliate marketing systems on the market today!

So I am not trying to propose extravagant promises about a getting rich quick scheme or being successful overnight. I am just here to demonstrate how I can help you and others, logically, increase or even better, substitute your actual salary or revenue by using brand-new digital tools and top training, just as I am. And as a result, have a First Class Lifestyle.

Just like you, I found this system online which allowed me to transform my ideas and dreams into a new lifestyle. I designed a life on my own terms and I am currently job free.

While I have a laptop lifestyle, I travel anywhere I want, anytime I want. Yet, today, I also work in connection with a community of entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world that are as passionate as I am.

So what you will discover for yourself is that I offer one of the most thrilling adventures and lifestyle opportunities on the Web.



I provide like-minded individuals of all ages with an easy and proven step-by-step online system on how to achieve success. I do this by giving the most valuable information, a free 30-day trial, all of the new integrated digital tools and a successful set up which guarantee benefits in business and life.


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Even with all the incredible online systems today, I still am a big fan of the old-fashioned human interaction. So, the best and most comfortable way to talk to me is to book a call. By the way, I also use Skype. Follow me on Instagram as well as other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeLinkedInGoogle+